VIDEOS-NYPD rescates en New York-Huracan Sandy

  • 1 November 2012
  • aser

El New York Police Department opera 4 Agusta A119 Koalas

A119 Koala

y 3 Bell 412 en su unidad aerea,

Bell 412 NYPD

El "Helicóptero 23" que realizó los rescates fue nombrado así en honor a los 23 oficiales de policia muertos el 11 Septiembre de 2001.


Members of the NYPD’s Aviation and Scuba team rescued six people Tuesday who were trapped in their homes from flood waters after superstorm Sandy on Staten Island.

Police released video of the four rooftop rescues early Wednesday morning.

It shows a neighborhood covered in flooded streets and submerged cars. In one video, people can be seen standing on the roof of their home as police lower a basket down to the victims and pull them up.



Another video shows appears to be water up to the second story of some homes as a rescuer helps someone out of a window. Again, a basket is lowered and the person is lifted up to the helicopter.


Another one shows an officer hanging from a line on a chopper before being lowered onto a rooftop. He then pulls victims from a hole in the roof.



In all, five adults and one child were rescued.

The rescue was performed by Helicopter 23. Police said it’s named after the 23 New York City police officers who were killed on Sept. 11, 2001.


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